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This website offers Thai audio, corresponding transcripts, line by line English translations and flashcards for news articles from "Voice of America", commonly referred to as VOA. What started out as study tools for myself, I decided that with some extra work could be made useful to others. Also shared are a few other Thai language resources I've found helpful. It's all self study and it's all FREE, though you do need to be able to read Thai to be able to take advantage of this website's content. This site also makes use of html5 for audio playback. If you're unable to use html5, update your browser, or use the archived Adobe Flash version of this website. Mobile users please check out the selfstudythai mobile version created by universe6.

Review of the 84 articles is now complete (26/6/2015)! I will no longer be adding news articles, but may contine to do these reviews on a yearly basis. I think things are in pretty good shape now though.

Update - July 20th, 2016: A mobile version of selfstudythai had been created by universe6 and is now available here. Thank you universe6!

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Final News Articles Added

* For Sale: Dracula's Castle
* US Ambassador Kristie Kenney Interview on the Thai Coup
* Foreign Media Comments on Martial Law in Thailand
* Vietnamese Protest Chinese Oil Drilling, Invade Local Factories
* Political Chess Match Between Russia and the Ukraine Continues
* Many Americans Believe in Medical Conspiracy Theories
* Malaysian PM Announces Flight MH370 Crashed Into the Indian Ocean
* Using Ocean Waves to Produce Cheap Electricity, Clean Water
* Malaysia Expands Search for Missing Plane
* Western Countries Condemn Ukraine Violence, Consider Sanctions

News articles and audio are taken from the VOA Thai website. In places where the audio does not match the published article, the text has been changed to match the audio, exceptions being the few places I couldn't figure out what is being said, and I've left out particles such as ครับ and นะคะ. Word definitions are taken from the thai-language.com and thai2english.com websites.

All initial translations were done by me, a foreign student of the Thai language and not a Thai language expert. Therefore there are bound to be translation and transcription errors in the articles provided. I have proofread all articles several times and others have gone through them as well. The quality is quite good, just not perfect. So if you do happen to come across any errors, please send an email to selfstudythai@gmail.com so they can be corrected. That way the site will be made better for everyone!

Also for those wondering, audio and text from VOA News are public domain.

Anki Flashcards

selfstudythai support for Anki flashcards is finally back! I've made a sample Anki deck for the first 10 articles for people to check out, and have also created a mega-deck of over 5000 flashcards with most of the vocabulary from all 85* articles. If you happen to have the old decks, please get rid of them as the sample deck and this new one will be a couple of revisions better.

* Note that I got rid of the Superhero article "voa09" so there are now only 84 articles and the article tags are off from that point on. Also at the moment, I have not updated the flashcards to reflect the latest translation and transcription changes for 2015. Editing this deck with Anki is a super slow process, so I'm not sure if or when the deck will be updated. It should already be quite useful in its current state, though I will post here if I start making significant progress on a new deck.

Other Free Websites Offering Thai Audio with Transcripts

aakanee.com, (formerly thairecordings.com) has over 10 hours of Thai audio and transcripts on a whole range of subjects. No translations, but there are short English synopses provided on the content of each audio clip.

Learn Thai from bangkokpost.com news articles. mp3 Thai audio, transcription, translation... It looks like most of these articles are for teaching English to Thais, but I've found over 30 that teach the Thai language to English speakers. Look for titles starting with "Learn Thai:". UPDATE: They've posted an archive of all Thai lessons to date. (April 2013)

Everyday-thai.com has free online Thai lessons covering all levels. The 10 part series on the 2011 flood crisis, the roo soo flood series, is totally transcripted and translated, though translations are not line by line as is done here.

Thai music videos with transcriptions and translations. Over 1000 songs! Plus "karaoke Thai" for those who can't read Thai.

The Maanii Book Project (ongoing). These are the books Thai children used in the past when learning to read throughout elementary school. Contains Thai audio and line by line transcriptions and translations. Also has "karaoke Thai" for those who can't read Thai. Mia who runs Learn2SpeakThai helped immensely in starting selfstudythai. Thanks Mia!!!

VOA audio, transcript and translation of an article on Thaksin and the Red Shirts from Gaccha.

Websites that link to selfstudythai.com - Thank You!!!

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Stickman Bangkok, Stickman Weekly Column for 23 December 2012.
Women Learning Thai... and some men too ;-) website under "FREE Resources"
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English Thai Skype Teachers.com under "Free Resources"
aakanee.com under "Links & Papers"
Lengthy Travel
SolveThai under "Thai Resources"

And a Very Special Thank You to the Following Who Have Helped Correct Translation and Transcription Errors

Andrej from Thai Recordings
Aleya Garden
Gregory Satir from Portland Friends of the Dhamma
universe6 from... nobody seems to know. ;-)

And of course thanks to universe6 for creating a mobile version of selfstudythai!

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