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The Final Flash News Articles

* Surge of Brain Activity May Explain Near-Death Experiences
* US Debt Problem Means Fear, Opportunity for China
* Debate Continues Over "Obamacare"
* Algae Fueling a Cleaner Road to the Future
* New iPhone Sales Soar Over First 3 Days and Other Business News
* Over 200,000 Apply to Live (and Die) on Mars
* Scientists Renew Efforts to Look for Intelligent Alien Life
* G20: Russia and China Oppose US Attack on Syria
* Anti-Government Protests Cancelled in Egypt Due to Fears of Violence
* The Weirdest 3D Printed Objects

News articles and audio are taken from the VOA Thai website. In places where the audio does not match the published article, the text has been changed to match the audio, exceptions being the few places I couldn't figure out what is being said, and I've left out particles such as ครับ and นะคะ. Word definitions are taken from the thai-language.com and thai2english.com websites.

All initial translations were done by me, a foreign student of the Thai language and not a Thai language expert. Therefore there are bound to be translation and transcription errors in the articles provided. I have proofread all articles several times and others have gone through them as well. The quality is quite good, just not perfect. So if you do happen to come across any errors, please send an email to selfstudythai@gmail.com so they can be corrected. That way the site will be made better for everyone!

Also for those wondering, audio and text from VOA News are public domain.

Other Free Websites Offering Thai Audio with Transcripts

Learn Thai from bangkokpost.com news articles. mp3 Thai audio, transcription, translation... It looks like most of these articles are for teaching English to Thais, but I've found over 30 that teach the Thai language to English speakers. Look for titles starting with "Learn Thai:". UPDATE: They've posted an archive of all Thai lessons to date. (April 2013)

Everyday-thai.com has free online Thai lessons covering all levels. The 10 part series on the 2011 flood crisis, the roo soo flood series, is totally transcripted and translated, though translations are not line by line as is done here.

Thai music videos with transcriptions and translations. Over 1000 songs! Plus "karaoke Thai" for those who can't read Thai.

The Maanii Book Project (ongoing). These are the books Thai children used in the past when learning to read throughout elementary school. Contains Thai audio and line by line transcriptions and translations. Also has "karaoke Thai" for those who can't read Thai.

Another recently discovered website is thairecordings.com, which has over 10 hours of Thai audio and transcripts on a whole range of subjects. No translations, but there are short English synopses provided on the content of each audio clip.

VOA audio, transcript and translation of an article on Thaksin and the Red Shirts from Gaccha.

Websites that link to selfstudythai.com - Thank You!!!

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Thai Recordings

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