News Articles in Numbered Order

  1. World Health Organization on the Eradication of Guinea Worm Disease
  2. United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) on Hazardous Chemicals
  3. Internet Privacy Rights Following Son's Suicide
  4. Not Much Known About Male Victims of Human Trafficking
  5. China-Japan Senkaku Islands Conflict
  6. International Labor Organization (ILO) on Youth Unemployment
  7. Is Finding a Match with Online Dating Effective?
  8. Teen Smoking and Popularity
  9. Vietnam May Surpass Thailand in World Rice Exports
  10. Colorado Tragedy Renews Gun Control Debate
  11. Harvesting Rainwater to Prepare for Drought Conditions
  12. Protests Prompt Renaming of 'Hitler' Clothing Store in India
  13. Teachers and Students Combat Homophobia at School
  14. Psychiatrist Combines Western Practices with Eastern Spirituality
  15. 2011 World Disaster Report Focuses on Migrants
  16. Thai Singer Patchara Found Dead in the US
  17. Oil Giants Eye Arctic Reserves
  18. Cambodia Acid Attacks Continue Despite Tougher Laws
  19. Families of Kidnapped South Korean Sailors Plea for Help
  20. New York Struggles After Hurricane Sandy
  21. Experts Question Study Linking GMO Corn to Cancer
  22. America Approaching the "Fiscal Cliff"
  23. DEA Takes "Most Wanted" Campaign to Thai Entertainment Districts
  24. Thailand Looks Back at the 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami
  25. "Gangnam Style" Phenomenon Helps South Korean Tourism
  26. Thanksgiving in America - "Everyone's Having Fun But the Turkey"
  27. Life Lessons From a Giant
  28. Human Rights Watch Campaigns Against "Killer Robots"
  29. As Myanmar Violence Continues, Warnings of Broader Instability
  30. Harsh Sentences for Muslims Following Ethnic Violence in Myanmar's Rakhine State
  31. Archeologist Says Mayas Did Not Predict Apocalypse
  32. UN Urges End to Child Marriages
  33. 20 Children, 6 Adults Killed in Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting
  34. Allowances Help Teach Children About Money
  35. New Exoplanets Discovered, Long Space Missions
  36. Budget Stand-off Could Again Impact US Credit Rating
  37. Georgia Looks Toward the End of Russia's Wine Embargo
  38. Lese Majeste Violations Result in 10 Year Prison Sentence for Thai Editor
  39. Pope Benedict to Resign
  40. North Korean Missile Relocation Confirmed by Japan, South Korea
  41. Suggestions for Solving the Problem of Children and Cyberbullying
  42. FBI Still Seeking Suspects in Boston Marathon Bombing
  43. Facebook to Introduce a New Friend Finding Service Called "Graph Search"
  44. Cyprus Parliament Rejects Taxing Bank Deposits
  45. H7N9 Bird Flu Virus Described as 'Lethal'
  46. India Debates Pornography Ban
  47. Tourism Thrives on India's Largest Slum
  48. Manchester United's Popularity Grows in Asia, Sir Alex Ferguson Retires
  49. Angelina Jolie Has Double Mastectomy to Prevent Breast Cancer
  50. The Weirdest 3D Printed Objects
  51. Anti-Government Protests Cancelled in Egypt Due to Fears of Violence
  52. G20: Russia and China Oppose US Attack on Syria
  53. Scientists Renew Efforts to Look for Intelligent Alien Life
  54. Over 200,000 Apply to Live (and Die) on Mars
  55. New iPhone Sales Soar Over First 3 Days and Other Business News
  56. Algae Fueling a Cleaner Road to the Future
  57. Debate Continues Over "Obamacare"
  58. US Debt Problem Means Fear, Opportunity for China
  59. Surge of Brain Activity May Explain Near-Death Experiences
  60. Zombie Craze Sweeps the World
  61. Thailand in the News Over Amnesty Bill Protests
  62. Scientists Prepare for Killer Asteroid
  63. Analysts Worry About the Current Political Situation in Thailand
  64. Thai PM Yingluck Wants Peace, Still Refuses to Resign
  65. Bangkok Hotel Uses Rooftop to Grow the Algae Superfood Spirulina
  66. New WTO Agreement, China Bans Bitcoin and Other Business News
  67. Bitcoin Grows in Popularity
  68. Polar Vortex Triggers Record Cold Temperatures in Much of the US
  69. European Space Agency to Make 3D Map of the Milky Way
  70. Foreign Analysts Comment on the Bangkok Shutdown
  71. Thailand's Economic Future Depends on Political Reform
  72. Super Bowl 48 to be Shown in Over 200 Countries
  73. Graphene: The Amazing Material of the 21st Century
  74. Problems Plauge Thai Rice Policy
  75. Western Countries Condemn Ukraine Violence, Consider Sanctions
  76. Malaysia Expands Search for Missing Plane
  77. Using Ocean Waves to Produce Cheap Electricity, Clean Water
  78. Malaysian PM Announces Flight MH370 Crashed Into the Indian Ocean
  79. Many Americans Believe in Medical Conspiracy Theories
  80. Political Chess Match Between Russia and the Ukraine Continues
  81. Vietnamese Protest Chinese Oil Drilling, Invade Local Factories
  82. Foreign Media Comments on Martial Law in Thailand
  83. US Ambassador Kristie Kenney Interview on the Thai Coup
  84. For Sale: Dracula's Castle